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Temporary Exhibit

The Cascapedia River will host the opening of the exhibition by the artist Claudine Boudreau on Friday July 14th from 5 pm-7 pm. Her work tells the stories of salmon fishing on our local rivers. Light refreshments will be served. The exhibit will run from July 14 to September 15th.

2019 – Diversity and Achievement in Anglophone Quebec

Many cultural groups make up the different anglophone communities in Quebec; some have been here for hundreds of years and others are recent arrivals.

This exhibit will look at the contributions by the diverse cultural communities to Quebec. On display July 9th – 14th.


The Cascapedia River Museum invites you to the opening of the photographic exhibition in honor of the International Year of the Salmon, August 8 at 7:00 pm. This exhibit will be in place until September 20th.


The Cascapedia River Museum invites you to the exhibit entitled “Caught on the Fly”. This exhibit presents excerpts from salmon log books from the various camps of the Cascapedia Club, dating from 1888 to 1973. They include information about weather and water levels, salmon catches, and general commentary. This exhibit will be in place until July 23rd.


From July 25th to September 2 Rhéal McIntyre will exhibit his latest work entitled The Rivers of the Gaspe.

Rivers being an important element in his life, he presents his latest work inspired by the beauty of the Grand Cascapedia, the Little Cascapedia and the Matapedia Rivers. This exhibit will be displayed until September 2nd.


A photographic essay of the Grande Cascapedia

Exhibition by Barry Le Blanc

From August 2nd to the 25th, at the Cascapedia River Museum, the landscape photographer, Barry Le Blanc, will exhibit striking images of this internationally renowned salmon river: icy conditions, spring thaw, seasonal fogs, the photographer from Cascapedia-St-Jules has managed to capture the changing spirit of the Grand Cascapedia. He brings to light many beautiful spots between the Relais de La Cache at km 62 and the estuary, unveiling small islands, bends, white waters, hills and mountains, all natural landmarks of this fantastic landscape. Of course, fishermen and canoes are also part of the scenery.

2013 - The Mi’kmaq and the River

The Mi’kmaq and the River temporary exhibition is currently on display at the Cascapedia River Museum for the 2013 season.

The Mi’kmaq and the River exhibit was developed during the 2012 summer season and will continue to be on display throughout 2013. This exhibit explores the relationship of the Gesgapegiag community with the Grand Cascapedia River through history and today. Many local personalities are featured including George Caplin, Michael Caplin, Renee Condo, Collins Gedeon, and Paul Martin to name but a few. Mi’kmaq culture, artifacts, and local artists are celebrated in this exhibit.

2012 - Princess Louise – A Woman of Substance

The Princess Louise temporary exhibition is currently on display at the Cascapedia River Museum for the 2012 season.

This young woman was born a princess to one of the most formidable women of history, Queen Victoria. She was blessed with beauty, intelligence, and position. She was a strong, independent woman of artistic temperament and exquisite taste. She had an independent mind and strong convictions. Although controversial at times, she could never be faulted for hypocrisy or lack of human compassion. The exhibition will bring to life many aspects of her life including her connection to the Cascapedia River.

Princess Louise, Queen Victoria’s daughter, came to the river in 1879 with her husband the Marquis of Lorne, who was Governor General of Canada at the time. The following year they had the first pre-fabricated building made in Canada shipped to the river. She was an angler and an artist, and it has been said that her best piece of Canadian art was done while here on the river. It was also said that her happiest days spent in Canada were on the Cascapedia River.