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  • The Cascapedia River Museum
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  • The Grand Cascapedia
  • The Grand CascapediaPhoto courtesy of Jean MacWhirter Bujold
  • The Grand Cascapedia River
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About Us

The Cascapedia River Museum is a vital part of the small community of Cascapedia-St Jules, in the province of Quebec, Canada. It tells the story of the life surrounding the Cascapedia River, a river which has a rich tradition and history. For more than 150 years the river has played a very important role in the development and life of this multicultural community. Its history tells the story of one of the best salmon fishing rivers in the world, the community that surrounds it, and the many anglers who have come to enjoy the sport of salmon fishing on its waters.

This museum is a reflection of the pride that not only belongs to this fabled river, but also to the people who have worked and lived alongside the river. The river is a heritage that reflects the angling community, whose passion for the sport of salmon fishing brought them to a small community of the Gaspe Coast, where they were made to feel at home and enjoy the nature and the beauty of the region. The need to preserve this history has resulted in the creation of our community museum, where this heritage will be preserved and passed on to future generations.

Today the museum has a permanent exhibition, documentation centre with a giant screen for viewing films related to our history, and a walk through veranda designed to reflect the cozy sitting areas found in the private fishing camps along the river. There is also a temporary exhibition room, a gift shop that carries a variety of fishing related items, and the Lady Amherst Tea Room, where we serve homemade delicacies and light refreshments throughout the tourist season. The Atlantic Salmon Interpretation Centre is another unique attraction with an aquarium of small fry. In this room we educate our visitors about the life cycle of the Atlantic salmon, its habitat, and the conservation efforts that are being taken to preserve the Atlantic salmon world-wide.

The mandate of the Cascapedia River Museum is to collect, preserve, and nurture the understanding and appreciation of Cascapedia’s cultural and historical heritage. This museum will be a lasting tribute to our community and the anglers who share the Atlantic salmon fishing experience on this world famous river. After completing several years of construction and major renovations on the site we have now reached a new phase in our development. Our immediate aim is to secure for the museum the conditions in which the pursuit of excellence and the setting of new standards of distinction can be made possible.